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Casualty Wiki:Communication Policy

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In a nutshell...
Use common sense - treat people how you would like to be treated.

For a wiki to work, communication and co-operation is a given. If you're unsure about an edit or you have a query about the series itself, you're probably going to have to interact with someone. The question is, however, how do I go about talking to people here?

General principles[edit]

Don't be a prat[edit]

Building a wiki is a team effort - it would be foolish to assume that you could maintain a wiki about a subject as large and technical as Casualty. Therefore, constantly trying to create division in the community and starting arguments about the most anal of subjects will not be tolerated. If you cannot stop yourself from making other people's editing experiences an absolute misery, chances are that we'll probably be better off without you.

Keep discussions on topic[edit]

We have designated areas for communication and each area has a different purpose.

  • Article talk pages are for discussion about the article's content but not the article's subject. For example, someone may start a discussion about the formatting of the Connie Beauchamp article which is perfectly acceptable. However, discussions about whether or not Connie should get back together with Jacob Masters are not relevant.